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Komagata Maru

376: number of passengers on Komagata Maru when it arrives in Vancouver Harbour

   12: number of Hindus aboard Komagata Maru
   24: number of Muslims aboard Komagata Maru
   340: number of Sikhs aboard Komagata Maru

90: number of people declared medically unfit to land

20-24: number of people who claimed to have Canadian domicile and were allowed to disembark

$150,000: Amount of damages claimed by Gurdit Singh for Canada not allowing him to land and sell coal stored aboard Komagata Maru

15: Number of core members of Sshore Ccommittee, local South Asians who were mobilizing to support the Komagata Maru passengers

500: ??Unknown: number of local South Asians present at meetings to support Komagata Maru passengers, held at the the Khalsa Diwan Society at Gurdwara

$5,000: amount collected at once at first meeting at Gurdwara by local South Asians to support Komagata Maru passengers

$17,000: amount collected at future meetings by local South Asians to support Komagata Maru passengers

150: number of immigration officials and police who attempted to board Komagata Maru on July 17, 1914

$4,000: value of provisions Canadian government placed on board the Komagata Maru for the return trip

2: number of months the Komagata Maru stayed in harbour off the coast of Vancouver

2: number of years shore committee struggled legally with government after Komagata Maru was forced to return to Asia

$3,000: further legal expenses of shore committee after Komagata Maru forced to return to Asia

6: number of months Komagata Maru passengers spent aboard