"How does one create memory of a community? Of the thousands who came, what do we know of them as a collective or as individuals?"
Imogene L. Lim.

Too often, South Asians in Canada are distanced from the rich and deep histories of their communities. This is partly because educational systems tend to skip over the experiences of non-white immigrants, partly because there has been few efforts to archive historical accounts by national bodies, and partly because the new multiculturalism has convinced so many that South Asian migration to Canada is a relatively new phenomenon.

Imogene L. Lim’s question is a crucial one – how do we create memory of a community? This section hopes to contribute to a collective effort of answering this question.

The Komagata Maru incident provides a way into answering the question, but also provides an opportunity to explore the history of South Asian migration to Canada, the realities of British colonialism, as well as the struggles and resiliency of South Asians in Canada.